What we do

We help Victorian livestock producers adopt animal health and production practices that improve farm profitability, animal welfare and Victoria's biosecurity status.

What's in it for you?

Join in by attending events, accessing information online and getting in touch if you have a question or want to know more.

Livestock health & biosecurity VICTORIA is
co-funded by the Cattle Compensation Fund and the Sheep & Goat Compensation Fund, and is proudly delivered by the Victorian Farmers Federation Livestock Group.


To get in touch, please contact:

Lucinda Staley 
Livestock Project Manager
Phone: 0418 360 470

Dr Patrick Kluver

Livestock Project Specialist
Phone: 0429 945 760

Kimberley Henman
Livestock Project Officer
Phone: 0428 580 476

Fiona Halloran
Livestock Project Coordinator
Phone: 5444 9702

Hotline: 1300 020 163

Twitter: @vffstocksense
Facebook: @vffstocksense