The following resources have been developed to assist members

Low Stress Cattle Handling
Information on cattle handling, including a series of videos of International experts explaining and demonstrating the principles of best practice cattle handling. 

An outline of what Neospora is, how it affects cattle, and how to minimise losses incurred from this parasite.
Details on the 2011 OJD National Management Plan Review, and how national OJD management programs affect all sheep producers.

  OJD ABC Scoring
A downloadable instruction guide on how to calculate your OJD ABC Score. 
Gudair® Needle Stick Injuries
Important instructions regarding what to do in the case of a Gudair® needle stick injury. 

  Foot and Mouth Disease
Information on Foot and Mouth Disease. 
Bovine Johne’s Disease
Information on Bovine Johne’s Disease. 

Information on Anthrax. 
Information about yards. 

  Bovine Johne’s Disease zones and trading
Information about Bovine Johne’s Disease zones and trading. 
Information about Pestivirus.

Information about Theileria.
Lice in sheep
Information about Lice in sheep. 
  Reproductive diseases in cattle
Information about Reproductive diseases in cattle. 
Information about Footrot
  Ovine Johne's Disease 
Information about Ovine Johne's Disease
Ovine Brucellosis
Information about Ovine Brucellosis
Information about Leptospiroris
Q Fever
Information about Q Fever
  Scabby Mouth
Information about Scabby Mouth
Worms in Sheep
Informtion about Worms in Sheep              
Information about Pinkeye

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