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VFF Initiative

Livestock Theft

Lobbied state government to establish the “Farm Crime and
Livestock Theft Specialist Group”.

Group of 45 officers across the state implemented in early 2012.

Win / Benefit for Members:  Reports indicate confidence up by 38% in 12 months.

Ovine Johne’s Disease

Lobbied AGAINST National Management Program be implemented.

VFF Livestock meetings across the state informed producers about the program.

Coordinated a petition which attracted over 500 signatures.

Win / Benefit for Members: Reports indicate confidence up by 38% in 12 months.

Delayed the plan being brought in at 1 January 2013 to 1 July 2013.

Bovine Johne’s Disease

Demanded input into BJD National Program update in 2012.

Monitoring BJD developments in QLD and the efficacy of the BJD program, and the effect it is having on producers.

Win / Benefit for Members: Developed an online resource to assist producers to adapt to any changes in trading regulations.

Members of Cattle Council Australia (CCA), WoolProducers Australia (WPA), 
Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA)  & Goat Industry
Council of Australia (GICA)

Represent VFF members on committees to influence policy and represent Victorian producers’ interests on large national issues.

Win / Benefit for Members: Ensuring producers have a say on significant issues such as Animal Welfare regulations, National Disease Management.

We are part of developments on issues such as Live Export and other political issues.

Livestock Extension

Obtained funding to have a dedicated team conducting livestock extension on endemic diseases.

In 2012 over 30 workshops held on sheep and cattle health.

Developed an online resource library with fact sheets on over 20 important animal health issues.

Win / Benefit for Members: Producers have local access to VFF Livestock staff, animal health experts and consultant vets.

Influence policy based on feedback from producers in regards to animal health.

Community Lice
Management Groups

Commenced a pilot lice management group in the Pyrenees area to
combat the issue on a community level.

This year the program will commence in Warracknabeal and St Arnaud.

Win / Benefit for Members: Engaging producers as a community to improve their production.

Northern Scholarship

Developed a paid three month internship with NAPCO for an individual to
experience working on a Northern beef enterprise.

Win / Benefit for Members: Providing diverse career development and opportunities to young Victorians in the beef industry.