Guidelines for applicants

Applying for a Cattle Underpass

- The applicant is required to obtain two contractor quotes for construction of an underpass. A list of previously used contractors that have completed these types of works is available on this website.

- The contractor issues quotes showing total construction cost less the CUPS program funding leaving the amount the farmer must pay. Expenditure for grants is limited to the cost associated with the excavation (including relocation of utilities) and installation of the underpass structure only.

- Contact your local authority (eg Vic Roads, local Shire etc) and they will guide the farmer through the process of planning and obtaining appropriate approvals for construction.  In some instances this step occurs after the application process and the contractor may contact the local authority to undertake these steps. It is preferable this step occurs prior to application.

- Fill in both the application form and statutory declaration below – including applicant’s details and the two contractor quotes. (Copies are also available from the VFF)

- Send to VFF – Level 5, 24 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000. If there is any accompanying documentation from the contractors or the local authorities please include this as well.

- VFF approves or declines received applications by way of letter from the Government Grants Program Manager. Letters are sent to the applicant and the successful contractor indicating construction work may commence. Construction work cannot be undertaken until a letter approving the application is received from VFF.

Click here for Application Form 
Click here for Statutory Declaration (this must be completed and signed by an authorised person.)

Note: both of these forms must be completed and returned, together with the two contractor quotes, for your application to be processed.