• The contractor issues the quote showing total construction cost less the CUPS program funding leaving the amount the farmer must pay
  • Expenditure is limited to the cost associated with the excavation (including relocation of utilities) and installation of the underpass structure only
  • Project expenditure can include earthworks, culverts, disconnection and re-connection of services, crash barriers, drainage, tracks and reasonable fencing essential to the usability of the underpass and any other works deemed a requirement by the relevant authority, including costs associating with obtaining permits. Additions not outlined in this document may not be considered in the overall project cost.



  • VFF will contact the successful contractor for each cattle underpass by way of letter. Construction work cannot commence until the contractor and applicant have received an approval letter from VFF.
  • The contractor is responsible for ensuring all required permits are obtained prior to commencement of works and in meeting all Worksafe, Telstra, local council and other relevant authority requirements during construction. The VFF will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the planning or construction of the cattle underpass nor will it provide any advice in relation thereto.



  • The applicant has 12 months to complete the underpass or provide evidence that it has been started
  • When construction has been completed, a representative from the Authority (VicRoads, local Shire) will undertake a final inspection to verify that all conditions have been met.



Once the underpass is completed the contractor is required to:

  • Submit a tax invoice to VFF for subsidised amount of 33% (including GST) outlining the level of expenditure of the underpass. All completion documentation must be included such as statutory declarations verifying underpass completion and costs, and planning and construction notices from appropriate agencies
  • Submit to VFF a copy of the tax invoice issued to the farmer which must have the total cost of the underpass, showing the deduction of the subsidy.

The VFF will pay the contractor 33% or up to a maximum of $50,000 plus GST of the cost.