YAPs Executive Committee 

The YAPs Committee forms one of the seven committees within the Victorian Farmers Federation that advise the Policy Council – developing policy and the lobbying position of the VFF at both State and Federal Government levels. The Committee is made up of a Chair, Vice-Chair and six Members, who are aged between 18 and 35 years. 


The 2016-17 Committee is made up of representatives from across the State, with a diverse range of backgrounds and skills.

YAPs Committee Chair

Sam Trethewey | Bannockburn | Agribusiness Consultant


Rob Arvier | Kew | Business Development Agronomist, Lesaffre Group

YAPs Committee Members

Annabel Davies | Lake Wendouree | Agribusiness Manager, NAB

Gregor Knight | Quambatook | Manager, Golden Wattle

Megan Williams | Mildura | Agribusiness Graduate, CBA

Lauren Mackenzie | South Melbourne | Fresh Produce Supply Manager, Coles

Jessica Kirkpatric | Beaufort | Student, Charles Sturt University

Jackson Davis | Wangaratta | Production and Sales Assistant, AGF Seeds

Cam Parker | Boort | Grain Farm Employee, Nelson Farms

YAPs Staff

Julia Waite | Melbourne | YAPs & Policy Officer

Contact Julia on


or call 1300 882 833


As a YAPs committee member, you will have the opportunity to be actively involved with the largest state farmer organisation in Australia and have input into the issues that affect Victorian farmers. You have the ability to contribute your thoughts on the industry, regulations and projects that affect young farmers and influence government. It is also this committee that decides what position YAPs take on issues, what events we host and what services we provide our members.

More information on how to  nominate for the 2017-18 YAPs committee will be available in April 2017.


Each year we receive more nominations that seats, which is a testament to the number of passionate and enthusiastic young leaders involved in agriculture. Even if you are not elected to sit on this Committee, we have many other opportunities available and encourage you to contact yaps@vff.org.au if you want to be involved.