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  • Animal cruelty is never acceptable | 18/06/2019  

    Recent media reports and footage showing animal cruelty on a poultry farm have been strongly condemned by the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF).
  • UDV President sets challenge to dairy industry | 10/05/2019  

    UDV President Mr Paul Mumford opened the 2019 UDV Annual Meeting and Conference today with a speech that called on dairy processors, retailers, Government, industry bodies, and farmers to rise to the challenge of a changing industry climate.
  • VFF welcomes inquiry into farm trespass laws | 2/05/2019  

    The VFF welcomes bipartisan support from the Coalition and Labor for the successful motion in Parliament yesterday for an inquiry into the effectiveness of legislation to prevent trespass and harassment on farms and other supply chain businesses.
  • Water buybacks need a wider review | 24/04/2019  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is calling for bipartisan support of a judicial review of all water buybacks from 2008 onwards.
  • Quad bike fatalities serve as safety warning | 20/04/2019  

    As the farming community comes to terms with the death of two children in quad bike accidents one week ago, the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is urging all farmers to take extreme care when using quad bikes or consider using safer farm vehicle a
  • Rating review – too little, too late, any hope? | 17/04/2019  

    The VFF is frustrated by the delayed timeline and the lack of a rates freeze following the announcement today of a review of Victoria’s rating system by the Andrews Government.
  • Grain payments must be quicker | 16/04/2019  

    The VFF Grains Group is calling on grain traders to transition to shorter payment terms as farmers recover from last month’s grain trader collapse.
  • Serious questions remain for kangaroo management | 2/04/2019  

    The VFF Livestock Group has acknowledged the Government’s decision to develop a long term kangaroo management plan, but insists that many critical questions remain unanswered.
  • Tony Burke ignores rural communities | 30/03/2019  

    Tony Burke’s suggestion to undo agreed positions of the Basin Plan if Labor is elected highlights his party’s total disregard for rural communities, rural people and rural jobs.

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