Workplace Relations Committee

Chair - Meg Parkinson
Alan Bowman
James Dennis
Colin Coates
Simone Renyard

Staff Patricia Murdock

About the Committee

The Workplace Relations Committee portfolio consists of looking at issues involving training and education, industrial relations, occupational health and safety, child employment and various legislation and awards, that have an impact on the workplace.
Some of recent submissions this committee has done have been:

Education and Training
  • submission to the Essential Services Commission on Vocational Education and Training Fee and Funding;
  • submission on the Inquiry into the Capacity of the Farming sector to Attract and Retain Young Farmers and Respond to an Aging Workforce;
  • submission to the Inquiry into Agricultural Education and Training in Victoria
Parliamentary hearings
Meg Parkinson (chair) and Patricia Murdock attended the hearing for the  Inquiry into Education and Training and provided evidence on issues affecting agricultural education which included uptake of practical skills by students, lack of understanding  and  familiarity of agriculture career pathways  by careers advisors and promoting the industry.

It is pleasing to note that a careers advisor will be appointed at the VFF for two years to promote agriculture.

Workplace Relations
  • Submission to Federal  Government on Migration Amendment (Reform of Employer Sanctions) Bill 2012
This committee also provides valuable feedback to the NFF Workplace Relations Committee on matters affecting the Modern Awards, Occupational Health and Safety, and award interpretation