Supply Measures

‘Supply measures’ under the sustainable diversion limits (SDL) adjustment mechanism is about smart environmental water usage. The basin states have developed a list of projects which help us use our environmental water better. 

In exchange for these measures, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority has the opportunity to reduce our recovery target down by 650GL. This means we achieve the equivalent environmental outcomes by using less water. 

In achieving these savings, there are a few key dates to be aware of: 

30 June 2017 – basin states must submit final projects for the MDBA to consider
December 2017 – MDBA to provide assessment to the basin ministers of the savings expected to be achieved from the projects
30 June 2019 – the sustainable diversion limits adjustments need to be implemented into water resource plans
2019 – adjustment projects implemented and operating. 

Image courtesy MDBA 2017

For more information on SDL adjustment projects click here.

VFF Approach

The VFF is working on behalf of Victorian farmers to ensure a sustainable agreement is reached by the end of 2017

We are:

  • Encouraging the basin states to submit projects for consideration by the MDBA
  • Encouraging the MDBA and basin ministers to recognise the benefits of these projects as underpinning the approach of smarter water usage delivers better environmental outcomes
  • Promoting the water savings achieved through the projects to avoid further water recovery.