Rural Drainage Strategy

As part of Water for Victoria the Victorian State Government agreed to develop a Rural Drainage Strategy. The VFF have been part of the Interdepartmental Reference Group (IRG) in developing the strategy since 2016. 

In the absence of a drainage strategy, the ability for landholders to develop a drainage systems is very limited. There are significant challenges associated with landholder agreements, approvals, process and cost. 

The drainage strategy will seek to overcome some of these issues and support landholders to develop drainage schemes. 

The VFF have had a critical role in the development of the scheme, highlighting the benefits of drainage schemes to the regions as they boost the productivity of our farms which have positive socio-economic benefits beyond the farmgate to our towns, businesses and communities.  

The strategy is currently being developed; we expect to have further information in 2017. Check back here for further information or visit the links below.

Click here for fact sheet 1 - rural drainage
Click here for fact sheet 2 - rural drainage