Rate Your Training

Rate Your Training, a new business website featuring ratings of registered training organisations (RTOs) for employers, was launched by the Hon Peter Hall MLC, Minister for Higher Education and Skills on Thursday 24 October, 2013.

The ratings are provided by business for business.  Employers can rate their experience with RTOs and compare the ratings provided by their peers. 

Rate Your Training uses a simple five-star rating system against set criteria, which have been tested with industry.
Once the tool is populated with ratings, users will also be able to view or compare what other employers think about training providers, across a comprehensive range of study areas. Rate Your Training now needs employers to rate their experiences so that other employers can benefit from that knowledge.

Reviewing the ratings of other employers will help businesses to identify the training options that best meet their business needs.

Rate Your Training has been built by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in response to employer demand for information about the quality of training provision. It follows the launch of the Victorian Skills Gateway in 2012, and forms part of suite of tools in development designed to help employers make the most of the training market. 


Rate Your Training is an online tool for employers to rate and compare the performance of registered training organisations in a particular area of study in Victoria. 

Employers can use Rate Your Training to:

  • rate a training organisation in a particular area of study that they have used

  • view the ratings that others have given, and compare training providers in an area of study

  • It helps employers choose a training provider that best suits their business needs

The ratings are by business, for business. 

It was created by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in response to employer demand for improved access to information about the quality in the training market. 

Rate Your Training is easy to use.

  • Employers give their opinions on a specific area of study offered by a provider, rather than on the provider in general.
  • Ratings are given against 15 criteria; seven of which are optional. Criteria have been industry-tested.  
  • The tool uses a simple star-rating system (see below).  
  • There is no capacity for users to write comments.
  • The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not give or endorse any ratings.

Rate Your Training star-rating system


Users can view ratings for one area of study at a training provider, or compare up to three at once.

For more information on Rate Your Training, download the Q&A here  or visit the website www.rateyourtraining.com.au