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Regional Weather and Climate Guides released

The Bureau of Meteorology have just released a set of Regional Weather and Climate Guides to help farmers understand and manage their climate risk. The Guides compare key weather and climate variables over the last 30 years compared to the previous 30 years. Climate guides for the Mallee, North Central, Glenelg-Hopkins, West Gippsland, and East Gippsland Natural Resource Management regions have been released and are available online, with guides for the Wimmera, Corangamite, Port Philip and Western Port, Goulburn-Broken, and North East to be available in the coming weeks.

The Guides aim to improve the resilience of farming businesses by providing localised facts about the likelihood, severity, duration and return period of drought, flood, heatwaves and frosts. The guides also focus on the variability of rainfall from season to season and year to year, along with the typical timing of the autumn break.

The information in the guides can help farmers continue to adapt their practices, particularly around strategic decisions relating to crop varieties, stocking levels, leasing land in a range of climate zones, developing and managing water storage, and finance or insurance.

Each Guide has been developed in collaboration with stakeholders from each Natural Resource Management region around Australia. The Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO have held workshops with farmers and their representatives across the country to learn about the key information farmers need to support a better understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with Australia's variable climate.

The guides were developed as part of the Australian Government’s Drought Assistance Package and produced as a partnership between the Bureau of Meteorology, FarmLink Research and the CSIRO. All guides will be made available via the Bureau website:

Recent Weather Updates

  • More hope for rain after Spring | 11/10/2019  

    October was forecast to be drier than average, and so far, it has been in most parts. November too is likely to be drier than usual across Victoria.
  • Rainfall, recharge and runoff | 3/10/2019  

    Overall, Victoria was drier than average in September 2019. Western parts of the Wimmera and Southwest district, along with the East Central district recorded near average monthly totals.
  • Above normal fire potential for the east | 19/09/2019  

    Eastern Victoria faces above normal fire potential for the 2019/20 fire season. It's the same story along most of Australia's east coast from Hobart to almost Townsville.