Feeling unsure about the safety of your farm?
Got questions about safety improvements you could make?

The VFF is offering FREE farm safety checks across Victoria.

This is an opportunity to be pro-active with farm safety, before you take the risk.

This isn’t a generic farm tour with generic safety advice. You can get expert advice from our Farm Safety Extension Officer on specific systems or issues on your farm, and find solutions that fit you and your farm.

For example, do you have some new or ageing machinery you’re unsure about? Are you setting up new stock yards? Are you taking on employees for the first time?

Who: You and the VFF Farm Safety Extension Officer

What: An entirely personalised discussion on the safety issues you’re concerned about

When: 3 hours on your farm (exact length is flexible)

Cost: FREE

At the end of the Farm Safety Check you will have…
- An OH&S farm assessment checklist, filled out during the check
- An action plan to improve the safety of your farm
- Implementation guidelines to make the recommendations a reality

Safety in the workplace should be everyone’s top priority.

Don’t delay booking your Farm Safety Check, call Warren Michaelis now!

Warren Michaelis 
Farm Safety Extension Officer 
Victorian Farmers Federation 
Phone: 03 9207 5619 
Mobile: 0499 772 472