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As we enter the last stretch of the campaign, do you know which candidates have the interests of Victorian agriculture and our regional communities at heart? Most importantly, where do they stand on the issues that matter to you?

To help ensure you have the information you need to make an informed decision, we asked all candidates running in rural and regional electorates what their plan is on six key issues facing regional Victoria that tie in with the NFF’s Time to Thrive campaign.

  • Plan for smarter regional growth
  • Partner for a healthier environment
  • Connecting every Australian
  • Secure Australia’s Farm Workforce
  • Give Farmers a Fair Go

NB: Candidate responses will be published progressively from Thursday 12 May 2022.

Every candidate has been given the opportunity to respond to these critical issues.

Candidates who have not yet responded will have the opportunity to do so right up to 21 May. So if you can’t see their name on our list, call them up and ask what are they going to do for farming communities if they’re elected? 

To view the responses from the candidates standing for election in your seat, please choose from the in the list below:

Coalition Campaign HeadquartersAllLiberal / Nationals
Jenny GameCaseyGreens
Helen Haines MPIndiIndependent
Nadia DavidIndiALP
Chris BradburyMcEwenPauline Hanson’s One Nation
Deb LeonardMonashIndependent
Allan HickenMonashPauline Hanson’s One Nation
Steve BrooksNichollsLiberal
Craige KensenWannonUnited Australia Party
Alex DysonWannonIndependent