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The VFF’s campaign for fair river camping rules

The VFF is encouraging members to have their say on the proposed river camping regulations to ensure the Government hears our message loud and clear.

Farmers care for the rivers and the riparian land they manage. The Victorian Government’s proposed camping regulations will adversely impact the environment, animals and farmers. The regulations need to change to ensure they are fair and protect the rights of farmers and landholders.


The Victorian Parliament passed amendments to the Land Act 1958 in 2020 that remove the long standing prohibition on camping on licensed water frontage. The Victorian Government is currently consulting on the draft regulations, the Land (Regulated Watercourse Land) Regulations, which will govern camping on river frontages with grazing licences.

The proposed regulations can be downloaded on the Engage Victoria website.

What is the VFF asking for?

The VFF is fighting for fair regulations that respect the genuine concerns of landholders. The VFF is concerned about how these regulations will unfairly impact farm businesses and families. The proposed regulations pose an unacceptable risk to landholder privacy and safety, to farm biosecurity and to the environment.

Protect privacy
  • Decrease the 28 day stay limit
  • Increase the 100m setback from dwellings to 500m
  • No access along closed or unused roads that transverse private property
Protect the environment and biosecurity
  • No dogs or other pets 
  • No vehicles, including motorbikes 
  • Allow landholders to erect signs regarding private / public boundaries and biosecurity protocols
Protect landholder safety
Fair regulations
  • 12 month review of regulations
  • Opportunity for community virtual or face to face consultation 
Emergency access
  • Camping should only be allowed where there is CFA access 

Have your say

The VFF is encouraging members to have their say about the regulations by again contacting your local MP and this list of decision makers in another push for fairer camping rules.

What should I say?

Information to include in your correspondence to decision makers:

  1. Name, location, type of farm, name of river/creek or watercourse
  2. Outline any riparian remedial, environmental or management works completed on your farm/land e.g. Fencing, tree planting, reduced grazing, installation of pipes and troughs
  3. Describe bad experiences with campers e.g. rubbish, fires, abuse (provide evidence where possible)
  4. What are your fears about camping being allowed on licensed frontage?
  5. How can the regulations be improved? (refer to VFF asks)

To discuss this issue with the VFF, please contact the Policy Team at [email protected].

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