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Investing in regional Victoria

The VFF has launched its state election platform ahead of this year’s poll in November.

We are proud to present a positive agenda that focusses on delivering for farmers and regional communities.

Too often, elections are focused on how to make Melbourne the most liveable city on earth, rather than making Victoria the most liveable State.

That’s why the VFF is focused on delivering a fair go for regional Victoria as part of this year’s State election campaign – to draw attention to the challenges and opportunities that our communities face on a daily basis.

The VFF will be an active voice on behalf of farmers and our communities. We are committed to ensuring regional Victoria is front and centre at this election, and equally to working with all parties and candidates to deliver a better future for our State.

Our platform

The VFF is proud to have developed a policy platform that is focussed on delivering for all regional Victorians. Our platform puts forward a positive agenda and vision for our community’s future.

We have put together a range of policy proposals which we are seeking commitments on from all candidates and parties running for election.

Election Scorecard

Before you vote, we urge you to take the time to look at the commitments from the major parties and think about how they stack up against the VFF’s Fair Go for Regional Vic election asks.

This scorecard has been prepared using publicannouncements and commitments made by themajor parties (being those parties that are ableto form government) prior to the voting period.Sources include the websites of the partiesand the Parliamentary Budget Office ElectionCommitment Tracker

Four big ideas

The VFF has identified four priority areas that need to be addressed to ensure a stronger regional Victoria. A focus on these key priorities will help to ensure regional Victoria continues to thrive for years to come.

Get moving again on regional road and rail

Boosting productivity, mobility and safety on regional Victorian road and rail must be an absolute priority for an incoming government. Funding for road and rail infrastructure has been neglected for too long and immediate action must be taken.

Making regional Victoria the best place to live and work

Liveable communities must be prosperous, sustainable, healthy and safe for all community members. To create well-functioning and successful communities, regional Victoria requires key investments in housing, health services, community safety and education. Regional and rural local governments need support to deliver the infrastructure and services their communities need and deserve.

Protecting agricultural land and our natural environment

Government must work in partnership with farmers and the community to deliver positive environmental outcomes. Farmers’ rights over their land must be protected and the impact on agricultural land must be considered for all infrastructure development.

Supporting regional jobs and creating secure workplaces

A prosperous regional Victoria depends on a strong agriculture sector, underpinning its ability to provide employment. Government must partner with industry to deliver biosecurity, water security, job security and workplace safety

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