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Calling for Support

The VFF is calling on the Victorian and Federal Governments to commit to fully funding the Murray Basin Rail Project as originally outlined in the 2015 business case, including the promised increases in Tonne Axle Load (TAL) capacity and train speeds. For every year this project is delayed, Victorian farmers lose $12 million in additional freight costs.

In 2021, the VFF will be taking our campaign to build Murray Basin Rail into the next gear. To do so, we will need the support of farming communities to agitate for action to get the project back on track. Campaign updates will be posted to this page to help farming communities better interact with and follow our campaign.

How we support our members

The VFF empowers members through core actions:

  • Lobby state and federal government for funding required to complete the project. 
  • Monitor and report on the government’s project delivery.
  • Work with partners such as local government to advocate for regional priorities.
  • Generating media attention to bring the need for Murray Basin Rail to the public.

Next Steps

Further updates about our campaign and how farmers can help will be posted to this page in 2021.

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