Protect Our Rivers

The VFF’s campaign to say NO to camping on licensed river frontage

Farmers care for the rivers and the riparian land they manage. The Victorian Government’s legislation to remove the current prohibition on camping on licensed river frontage is poor policy and will adversely impact the environment, animals and farmers.

There are simply too many risks allowing people to camp in these often remote, difficult to access locations where no toilet or rubbish facilities are provided.

  • Who will be responsible when fires are left unattended and escape onto private property?
  • How will the CFA get access when a campfire gets out of control?
  • Will farmers be liable for stock on roads when gates are left open?
  • Will farmers be liable for injury or accident involving infrastructure or stock?
  • How will camping be policed to ensure the riparian environment is not impacted, including the proper treatment of faeces and rubbish?
  • No toilet facilities will impact on drinking water for humans and stock, and pose risk of disease such as beef measles.

The current system allowing the public to access licensed water frontage for fishing, walking and other low-impact activities is perfectly appropriate. Many users will stay at local caravan parks and campgrounds where appropriate facilities are provided, supporting local communities.

Next Steps

Following the passage of new laws allowing camping on licensed river frontages in 2020, the VFF is working to ensure the Victorian Government implements appropriate regulations to prevent damage to farm businesses and the environment.

The Victorian Government has committed to consult widely with the community, and the VFF will provide farming communities with relevant information as it comes to hand.

Further updates about our campaign and how farmers can help will be posted to this page in 2021.

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