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What you need to know about licensed river frontage camping in 2021

The Victorian Government is pursuing a policy to allow camping on Crown Land river frontage that are licensed by Victorian farmers. Under pressure from the VFF and other stakeholders the Government has watered down the proposal from free camping applying to all 17,000km of licensed river frontages in the state to a targeted pilot program.

Before camping is allowed at a site it must first be assessed as suitable. The assessment will include cultural heritage and environmental values, but the VFF is not satisfied that agricultural values will be appropriately assessed.

The VFF is advocating for a system of registration for campers and for the government to actively involve licence holders (farmers) in the site assessment process.

To find out more about the regulations and see what you need to do if you are subject to a pilot site read our factsheet here:


In 2020 the Victorian Parliament passed amendments to the Land Act 1958 that removed the long standing prohibition on camping on licensed water frontage.

On 1 September the Victorian Government released the Land (Regulated Watercourse Land) Regulations 2021, setting the framework for the initiative.

Where can I find Regulation and advice?
Click here for the regulations

To discuss this issue with the VFF, please contact the Policy Team at [email protected] If you have any questions please contact the VFF on 1300 882 833.