ELGAS Commercial Deal (RICL)

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RICL is a farmer-led initiative which bulk-buys gas to give RICL members gas at a discounted rate.

To be eligible for RICL membership:

  • You must be a member of a VFF commodity group
  • You must be a bulk user, with a tank size of at least 1 tonne (2,000 litres)
  • You must use the gas for agricultural purposes
  • You must have accessibility to your tanks.

In order to apply please fill in the membership form and send this form with a cheque for $10 made payable to Rural Industries Co-operative Limited to:

Mr Laurie Mannix
Rural Industries Co-operative Limited
Victorian Farmers Federation
Level 5, 24 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Once the VFF has received this paperwork and confirmed your eligibility we will notify you and our partners ELGAS.

Once you have been notified, call ELGAS on 131 161 and organise your contract with them at the discounted rates.