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Every Week is Farm Safety Week

There’s no doubt that agriculture is one of the most challenging, varied and rewarding jobs that people can choose to do. But it’s also one of the most dangerous environments to work in.  It’s a confronting fact that, last year,…

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Annual Wage Increase for 2020

On Friday the 19th of June 2020, the Fair Work Commission issued its decision for the Annual Wage Review 2019-20. The increase decided upon was 1.75%. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Commission altered and extended its timetable, to allow it…

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Launch of Farm Safety Series

Not sure about how to do a risk assessment? The NFF, together with Safe Work Australia, have partnered to bring you two short videos with four simple steps to guide you through the legal process. Watch these videos and you’ll…

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Child Safety on Farms

The subject of child safety on farms has been well documented in the past. However, with the recent release of the coroner’s report which investigated the tragic events of last year where a four year old child was fatally injured…

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Casual Workers Decision

A groundbreaking decision this week has been given by the Federal Court, ruling that certain casual workers are entitled to paid leave entitlements. This can cause a lot of potential issues for employers that currently employ casual staff. Casual workers…

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Seasonal Worker Program

The Horticulture Group was part of the development of the initial Seasonal Worker Program pilot program and has continued to support the program as a way for growers to source a reliable workforce. The VFF encourages growers who are seeking…

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Honey Production in Australia

Australia is the fourth largest exporter of honey in the world after China, Argentina and Mexico. Australian honey varieties are recognised for their high quality and unique flavours, affected by the bee’s feasting on a wide range of wild nectars.…

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