2022 VFF Elections:
Information and resources

2022 VFF Elections

The VFF has announced the nominees for positions to be contested in the upcoming 2022 VFF Elections.

The elected positions that will be contested and the nominees who will contest them, are as follows:

VFF President
• Emma Germano
Meg Parkinson
• Paul Mumford

VFF Vice-President
Danyel Cucinotta
Bernie Free

VFF/UDV President
Mark Billing
Ian Morris

Livestock Commodity Council – Councillor (Additional Position)
• Tom Gooden
• Bradley Venning

Where other elected positions were uncontested, or ineligible nominations were received, those nominees will be contacted.

Election results will be formally announced in December 2022.

Voting in the 2022 VFF Elections opens for all eligible VFF members on Monday 14 November 2022 and closes at 5.00pm on Tuesday 13 December 2022.

How to vote

The 2022 VFF Elections are being conducted via postal vote and all eligible voters will receive a voting pack. Please see below for more details on how to vote.

Members with two (2) voting rights:
Will receive two (2) voting packs for Nominee 1 and Nominee 2.

Members with one (1) voting right:
Will receive one (1) voting pack for Nominee 1 only.

Enclosed in each individual voting pack:

      • An information letter with an overview on the 2022 VFF Elections, how to vote and key dates.
      • Candidate statements for the roles applicable to your membership/commodity.
      • Ballot papers applicable to your membership/commodity.
      • A Reply Paid envelope to return your completed ballot papers in.

    Preferential voting – how to vote:

        1. Each nominee must complete all of their ballot papers by writing a number [1] in the box for their most-preferred candidate, then number all remaining boxes in the order of preference. If you do not number every box, your vote will not be counted.
        2. Each nominee must then place the completed ballot papers in their unique Reply Paid envelope supplied. Please note if your household has received multiple voting packs, do not combine ballots in a single envelope. Each envelope has a unique ID code that is used to mark individual voters off the role.
        3. Post your sealed Reply Paid envelope at your earliest convenience back to the VFF by dropping it in an Australia Post red street posting box, or by lodging at an Australia Post Office. You can locate your nearest street posting box or Post Office online at www.auspost.com.au/locate

      Please ensure you follow these instructions and post your ballot using the enclosed Reply Paid envelope so that it is received at VFF by 5.00pm, Tuesday 13 December 2022. **It is advised that some regional and rural areas allow for delays in receiving and sending due to severe weather conditions that are causing network disruptions across parts of Victoria and New South Wales. **

      Voting opens:
      Monday 14 November 2022 

      Voting closes:
      Tuesday 13 December 2022 at 5.00pm 
      Please note ballots received beyond this date will not be accepted. Ballots received by email or fax will also not be accepted.

      Election forums

      2022 VFF President Election Forum

      Click here to watch a recording of the Forum.

      2022 VFF Vice-President Election Forum

      Click here to watch a recording of the Forum.

      2022 VFF/UDV President Election Forum
      Click here to watch a recording of the Forum.

      For further information on the 2022 VFF Elections including enquiries about our voting process or candidates, please contact:

      Victorian Farmers Federation
      P 1300 882 833

      VFF Returning Officer
      [email protected]