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successful applicants round 4

Region Project 
North Vic Purchase and intall 5 new water troughs on farm, reposistion 3 existing troughs
Gippsland Extend dairy yards (purchase of concrete/stell to build extension)
West Vic Purchase 30 KVA generator to run dairy plant and milk cooling system
NSW Install rubber matting and staff training
Gippsland Automatic draft gate
Gippsland Purchase 50 Calf 10 Hutches
North Vic Extend cow yard
North Vic Modify/extend solids trap and install a weeping wall
West Vic Install heat exchange unit
North Vic Build a new farm shed
North Vic Install 10 automatic cup removers
Gippsland Cooling system upgrade
North Vic Install poly pipe and larger troughs in lazered paddocks
North Vic Automated calf feeder
West Vic Build shed for fodder storage
North Vic Install solar water pump for dairy use and stock water
West Vic Install drafting system for dairy
West Vic Install new cattle crush, loading ramp and repair existing new fences in cattle yard