Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL)

Your rates bill now contains a new Fires Services Property Levy (FSPL), based on a $213 fixed fee plus charge of 26 cents per $1000 of your farm’s Capital Improved Value (CIV).

If your property was worth $2 million the FSPL would be:

Fixed charge = $213
CIV charge of $2m x 0.00026 (26c/$1000 of CIV) = $520 
Total FSPL = $733 

Important Note: Farmers are able to apply to their council to amalgamate several properties as a Single Farming Enterprise (SFE) to ensure they pay just one $213 fixed charge. However farmers must pay an additional $213 on each additional occupied house on these properties. (Copies of the SFE form are available from your local council).

The FSPL replaces the grossly inequitable Fire Services Levy that was previously imposed on your property insurance premiums. Under the FSL those who underinsured or didn’t insure at all were not paying their fair share of funding the fire services.

We now have a fairer system and the VFF congratulates the State government on implementing a very difficult taxation reform.

To calculate your FSPL using the Department of Treasury and Finance tools -click here.

VFF delivers $25 million saving to farmers

The VFF was instrumental in removing the FSL from farmers’ insurance bills. 

Your VFF farmer leaders and members, supported by VFF staff, played a crucial role in ensuring the new FSPL model and levy rate delivered a fairer system of funding the fire services.

  • In August 2013, the government proposed setting the farm FSPL at 52 cents per $1000 of CIV plus a $200 fixed charge. Again vigorous campaigning by the VFF led to the rate being cut for farmers to 31 cents per $1000 of CIV. This 40 per cent cut in the CIV rate delivered a $21 million saving to Victoria’s farmers. In the 2015-2016 year, the variable rate for farmers is 27.7 cents per $1000 of CIV.
  • Our policy team also remedied a flaw in the FSPL legislation to ensure farmers paid just one fixed $210 charge on multiple properties, delivering another $4 million in savings to all Victorian farmers.
  • When calculated, the VFF saved Victorian farmers $25 million annually.  

The VFF will continue to drive improvements in the fire services funding and promote efficiency within the CFA.

Fire Service Property Levy Rates 2016/2017