VFF Egg Group

The VFF Egg Group represents more than 33 egg producers across Victoria. It has an elected Executive Board of eight producers, elected annually, and an Executive Officer.

There are three egg production systems - cage, free range and barn laid. Producers of all systems have a united voice through the VFF Egg Group on industry issues such as - drought, codes of practice, animal welfare, animal health, food safety, the environment, research and development, education, training, feed grains, imports and industry relations.

The Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL) is owned by egg farmers and is financed by levies on day old chicks paid by egg producers.

The VFF Egg Group holds proxies from Victorian egg farmers, which therefore represents them at AECL meetings.

The VFF Egg Group is committed to the long term viability of the Victorian egg industry and is recognised as the voice of the Victorian egg industry by both government and media.

The Victorian industry has many forward thinking farmers in all production systems who are embracing new technologies. It is fortunate to have enthusiastic and hard working farmers who are prepared to acquire the skills necessary to move the industry forward.


HenCare is a certification scheme for Egg Producers of all production systems which is audited by a third party auditor with no stake in the egg industry.

Consumers can have confidence that HenCare audits food safety, animal welfare, biosecurity and environmental requirements which apply to the particular production system on a particular farm each year. HenCare requires that farmers comply with the legislation, regulations and codes of practice in the State or Territory where the farm is situated as well as having Standards for industry practices.

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