VFF Goat Industry Advisory Group

The Victorian Farmers Federation Goat Industry Advisory Group (GIAG) represents and supports the Victorian goat industry, including fibre, dairy, miniature goat and meat producers.

GIAG is a subcommittee of the VFF Livestock Council and advisors the Council on goat industry policy issues.

The Chairperson of GIAG also represents Victorian goat farmers at a national level by serving on the Goat Industry Council of Australia. This national Council works with the Federal Government, industry bodies and other peak industry councils to advocate for Australia’s goat producers.

As a VFF Livestock member you are represented on a state level by the VFF Goat Industry Advisory Group, and also on a national level by the Goat Industry Council of Australia.

If you have any questions or would like to become a member, please contact the VFF Livestock Group by calling 1300 882 833 or emailing livestock@vff.org.au


Kaylene Baird – Chair

Tom Dingle – Dairy Industry Representative
Belinda Cardinal – Dairy Industry Representative
John Hoornweg – Fibre Industry Representative
Rowena Doyle - Fibre Industry Representative
Carol Axton – Meat Goat Industry Representative