Benefits and Services

The VFF rewards Membership with a range of benefits by offering a range of services over a number of vital areas for you the Chicken Farmer.

Experience these rewards by becoming a member;

Contract Negotiation
Utilisation of the Collective Bargaining Power of the VFF Chicken Meat Group.


Major Gas discounts available to VFF Members saving $1000’s per annum

Workplace Relations 

The VFF can provide with their partners your payroll and human resource needs, saving costs, time and streamlining your administration.

Policy Advice

Lobbying and Advocacy expertise via dedicated and professional staff of the VFF.

Legal Advice

Cost Savings on major legal Issues that may arise should Government, Council Planning and other significant issues that growers deal with from time to time.


The VFF offers the ‘Chicken Care’ process recognised by the industry.


Our membership strives to ensure best practice farm hygiene and biosecurity practices. Networking, Training and regular information platforms greatly assist you the grower in maintaining the health and wellbeing of your chickens.


Support in marketing strategies that benefit you the grower in the long term with emphasis on growing and adding value to the Chicken Industry.

The VFF in conjunction with their Sponsors and major partners offer tailored solutions to you the grower providing significant savings and best grower practice via the collective bargaining power of the VFF.

You must be a VFF member to take advantage of our skilled staff, the power of our united grower network and our extensive range of products, deals and services.