1 May 2018

Infrastructure – a start but a long way from a blueprint
Budget 2018

THE ANDREWS GOVERNMENT today delivered its 2018 budget with commitments in infrastructure focussed on a blackspot program to improve telecommunications and several water projects.

“We welcome the Government’s $11 million commitment to improving telecommunications blackspots,” said David Jochinke, President, Victorian Farmers Federation.

The Government has also committed money to several water projects including the East Grampians Water Supply Project and the Mitiamo Stock and Domestic pipeline. These are good initiatives.

We acknowledge that the Government has made a start, but for a government which claims Victoria is the fastest growing economy in the nation, it has failed to deliver much needed infrastructure beyond the CBD. If you are serious about population growth, you must look beyond outer Melbourne.

The Treasurer claims this budget holds true to the Government’s values, yet agriculture has been almost overlooked, as has a topic critical to rural, regional and city consumers – energy. Our state is in desperate need of a long-term energy plan.

With seven months to election day, today’s budget certainly provides opportunity. Opportunity for the all parties to demonstrate that agriculture – the production of sustainable, safe food - is valued by politicians for the benefit of our State.

“The VFF calls on all 2018 candidates and parties to prioritise agriculture and demonstrate a commitment to deliver for all Victorians on modernising infrastructure. The state desperately needs an energy plan, fit-for-purpose roads, accessible rail and ports and reliable telecommunications,” said Mr Jochinke.


Media contacts: 
Mr David Jochinke, President VFF, 0427 834 524
Lisa Gervasoni, VFF Acting Manager Policy, 0408 022 518

About the VFF 

The Victorian Farmers Federation is an active, powerful lobby group, with 200 branches across the state, dedicated to the interests of farmers and making a difference to communities. We strive to create an environment for our members, our farmers, that enables profitable, safe and sustainable production, within a community that values and respects the farm sector. 

The VFF consists of eight commodity groups; dairy (United Dairyfarmers of Victoria), livestock, grains, horticulture, chicken meat, eggs, pigs and Flowers Victoria – and expert committees representing; water, land management, agricultural and veterinarian chemicals, farm business and rural development and workplace relations.