23 February 2018

The VFF meets the Mallee

VICTORIA’S PEAK FARMER BODY is holding the first Farmers’ Forum of 2018 in Ouyen, giving farmers in the Mallee region the opportunity to have their say on issues impacting them.

“Farmers in the Mallee will have the opportunity to talk about issues they’re experiencing on farm personally with the Presidents of the VFF Livestock and Grains Group”, said Leonard Vallance VFF Livestock President.

The forum will provide locals with a policy update and help them get up-to-speed with their LPA obligations and eID requirements. From 31 March 2018, property-to-property movements of electronically tagged sheep and goats in Victoria must be recorded on the NLIS database by the person receiving the livestock.

“There are still many questions around eID and the new LPA obligations. This forum provides the perfect opportunity for farmers to get some answers”, Mr Vallance said.

Human and animal health will also feature with presentations on Anthrax, Q fever and general livestock health by Livestock Health & Biosecurity VICTORIA.

“Sometimes we get so caught up in our industry systems that we neglect the productivity risks on farm so, we’re delivering value in that area also”, said Mr Vallance.

The forum is open to all farmers, providing the opportunity for discussion and to voice the concerns on issues which are impacting the local farming community.

Where: Ouyen Football Club Rooms
When: 9.00am, Thursday 1 March 2018
What: Farmers’ Forum
Who: Victorian Farmers Federation & Livestock Health & Biosecurity VICTORIA


Media Contacts:

Leonard Vallance, VFF Livestock President, 0417 551 547

David Picker, VFF Livestock Manager, 0455 075 010