RSPCA Inquiry (Submission to the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Infrastructure) [pdf]
MDBP submission 

Foreign Investment Review Board

Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land [pdf]

CFA Enterprise Agreement 17.2

UFU proposed operational EBA June 2016 [pdf]

2016 Submissions

Submission to the Inquiry into Sustainability and operational challenges of rural and regional councils [pdf]

State Budget submission.pdf

Submission to ACCC on the Review of Water Charge Rules [pdf]

Submission to the Inquiry into the Water Amendment Bill 2015 [pdf]

Submission to DELWP in response to the Water for Victoria discussion paper [pdf]

Submission to the Connections Project reset consultation process [pdf]

2015 Submissions

VFF Submission to the ESC on GMW Water Plan 4 - FINAL.pdf

VFF Submission to the Murray Darling Basin Plan Select Committee - FINAL.pdf

VFF Submission_Port of Melbourne inquiry.pdf

VFF submission to DELWP on the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy - FINAL.pdf

VFF Submission to the Inquiry into the Water Amendment Bill 2015 - FINAL (2).pdf

VFF Submisison to Parliamentary Inquiry Into Onshore Unconventional Gas in Victoria July 2015.pdf

Regional Telecommunications Review.pdf

Telecommunications - Broadband survey results.pdf

VFF Submission to ESC on Water Pricing Approach - FINAL.pdf

VFF Submission to ACC on the Review of Water Charge Rules Issues Paper - FINAL.pdf

VFF Submission to the SEPP Waters Review - FINAL.pdf

VFF Pre Budget Submission 2015-16 

2014 Submissions

Submission to the Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper 

Basin-wide environmental watering strategy 

Draft Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy

VFF Agricultural Competitiveness Issues Paper Response.pdf

Water Law Review 

2014 Heavy Vehicle Charges Determination


2013 Submissions


VEET Submission

Mildura Budget

Vic Rail Access Review

FI Register Consultation

Wellington Shire Budget

Revised Code of Practice requirements for Pool Providers

Fence Act Review Submission 

Submission on the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Retain Federal Approval Powers) Bill

Submission on Heavy Vehicles Charges Review

Submission on Succession Law Family Review

VFF Pre-budget Submission 2013-14

Differential Rates: Discussion paper and draft ministerial guidelines

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR)

Submission to the agriculture and veterinary chemicals amendment legislation bill

2012 Submissions

VFF Native Vegetation Submission

Invasive Species Management Bill Submission

Planning Zones Submission

Inquiry into Public Land Management in NSW Submission

Landcare Strategic Plan Submission

Wildlife (Game) Regulations

2011  Submissions

VFF Victorian Fire Services Property Levy submission

Competition and Efficiency Commission (VCEC) Reform Agenda Paper