For the latest information on bushfires in your local area please visit the VicEmergency website http://emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/

For the latest information preparing for and recovering from bushfires, please call 1800 226 226

The VFF has also put together information on bushfire safety, livestock welfare and support for our members.

WFI as an alliance partner, has also put together some useful information for VFF members in regard to fire awareness

The cost of bushfires can have a devastating impact on all aspects of a farm business including losses to homes, fencing, livestock, crops, machinery and the environment.

There are steps you can take throughout the year, not just during the summer months to help you plan for and manage bushfires.

The VFF exists to serve and help our members and are currently coordinating local fodder drives and offered agistment support for North East and Gippsland fires.  All farmers who have been impacted by these fires are strongly urged to seek help by contacting the VFF as soon as possible. 

Farmers in need of fodder or agistment or can provide fodder or agistmant should call the VFF on 1300 882 833 to register for assistance.   Financial donations can be made to the VFF Disaster Relief Fund at Donate

Agriculture Victoria and the CFA have the following resources available.

Agriculture Victoria Advice on fire on your farm
Farm and Land Recovery After Fire
Fire Safety on the Farm
Hay and Fire Safety
Assessing Livestock Post Fire
Assessing Sheep Post Fire
Stock Containment
Disposing of Carcasses
Pasture Recovery After Fire
Agisting Livestock After Fire
Restrictions and Permits for Farming
Operating Farming Machinery
Private Fire Fighting Equipment
Maintaining Electric Fences and Powerlines
Weed Warning After Fire

Download the pdfs below for more information, or request a copy by calling VFF Member Services on 1300 882 833

Fire Safety & Survival

Livestock Safety & Welfare


Hay - Handy Hints

Home Fire Safety Checklist

Emergency Phone Number List