2023 VFF Grains Council Elections: Nominations open

The VFF Grains Council has requested the VFF Acting Returning Officer call for nominations in the 2023 Grains Council Elections.

Nominations are now open to fill vacancies representing the following positions of:

  • West Wimmera;
  • Southern;
  • Charlton;
  • Bendigo;
  • President;
  • Vice-President.

The VFF Constitution requires two financial members of the VFF Grains Commodity as nominators.

All voting members of the Grains Commodity are eligible to nominate for office and support a nomination for office. An election will be held if more than one nomination is received.

All voting Grains Commodity Members will be eligible to vote for positions of President and Vice-President. If a regional position is contested, Members registered to the Grains Commodity in said region will be eligible to vote.

It is strongly recommended that nominations be provided early to allow time to address any problems that may arise with the membership status of the nominators or other issues affecting the validity of the nomination.

Nominations MUST be lodged with the Returning Officer of the Victorian Farmers Federation, [email protected] NO LATER THAN 5:00pm, Friday 16 December 2022.

Nomination forms can downloaded by CLICKING HERE.