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Creating a Better Business Environment for Farmers

The VFF is dedicated to ensuring farm enterprises can thrive in a fair and competitive business environment. With advice provided by our Farm Business and Regional Development Committee, we advocate on a range of issues directly impacting farm businesses including regulation, finance, taxation and energy.

We also work to ensure the relevant governments have the right support in place for farm businesses. This is achieved through programs such as the rural financial counsellor service and targeted assistance in times of drought.

By way of membership to the VFF Commodity Groups, every farmer also benefits from targeted advocacy that is focused on the issues that particularly impact their type of production.

Key Issues

Find out what the VFF is doing on your behalf across the key issues that are important to you. 

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Local Government Rates
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Farm Crime
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The Committee

The Farm Business and Regional Development Committee advises VFF Policy Council on matters including:

⇛ Taxation issues including income tax, financial taxes, and stamp duty.
⇛ The availability and cost of finance for farmers.
⇛ Government resourcing of economic services to agriculture.
⇛ Local Government issues relating to rates, service provision and budgets.
⇛ The retention and development of sustainable and profitable rural communities.
⇛ Funding and delivery of services, including health and education.
⇛ Provision of infrastructure, such as internet and telecommunications.
⇛ Other matters as referred to it by Policy Council, the Board, a Branch, a Commodity Policy Council or the Annual Conference.

The current committee members are Danyel Cucinotta (Chair), Mark Collins, Sarah Parker, Christine Plant, Daniel Meade and Lachlan Morrison.