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Delivering Infrastructure & Services For Our Communities

The VFF advocates for the infrastructure and services regional communities need and deserve including better roads and freight, telecommunications, community and health services.

We believe regional communities are the best place to live and work. Agriculture is the key to providing jobs and prosperity in rural and regional communities. But to do that, farmers need infrastructure to help them access markets and the workforce. Just like all Australians, farmers and their families also deserve access to basic services that people in the city might take for granted like education, healthcare and mobile phone reception.

Key Issues

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Murray Darling Basin
Murray Basin Rail
Recycled Water
Freight & Transport Networks

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VFF Infrastructure & Transport Committee

The Infrastructure & Transport Committee advises the VFF Policy Council on matters including:
⇛ Road, rail and associated infrastructure investment and planning.
⇛ Fuel security, right to repair, freight, ports and shipping.
⇛ Road and transport regulations
⇛ Vehicle and machinery licensing

The members of the committee as at November 2021 are: Ryan Milgate (Chair), Russell Hocking, Kyle Pearse, Craig Henderson, Leeton Ryan and Alan McKenzie.