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Delivering for Victorian Irrigators

The VFF Water Council advocates for members on water issues, advises the VFF Policy Council on water policy, and represents Victoria in the water policy debate at a national level within bodies such as the National Farmers Federation (NFF).

The VFF Water Council’s main objective is to protect the interests of water users in Victoria in achieving efficient, equitable and profitable water use. The Water Council provides an objective analysis of the water issues and policies as well as formulating strategic policies and decisions at both the State and Federal levels.

Key Issues

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Murray Darling Basin
Murray Darling Basin
Recycled Water
Recycled Water
Farm Dams
Water Markets


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VFF Water Council

The VFF Water Council is made up members that represent 11 regions across Victoria with a Chair appointed by the VFF Policy Council. The current members as of November 2021 are:

⇛ Chair: Andrew Leahy
⇛ Central: Kain Richardson
⇛ Central North : Peter Hacon
⇛ Wimmera Mallee: Graham Nesbit
⇛ South West: Vacant
⇛ South West: Peter Delahunty
⇛ Sunraysia: Peter Middleton
⇛ North West Region: Garner Smith
⇛ North East: James Neary
⇛ Northern: Craig Reynolds
⇛ Gippsland: Meg Parkinson
⇛ East Gippsland: Vacant

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