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Farmers for generations have been investing in the health of the land. Farmers were the first environmentalists as they know being a steward of the land is important to productivity and liveability.

Urban communities and governments can sometimes not understand all the efforts, including research and development and active management that the agricultural sector undertakes to continuously improve sustainability outcomes.

VFF advocates for not just improved understanding of agriculture in relation to stewardship, but that the community supports farmers undertake actions to provide community benefits in relation to climate and biodiversity.

The Landcare Movement

Through our former president Heather Mitchell, the VFF was integral to the creation of the Landcare movement in the 1980s – and we now are striving for supportive conditions for similar programs to allow farmers to take actions that are good for the farm and good for the planet.

The VFF Land Management Committee provides advice on land management issues such as regulations that support the right to farm – including native vegetation, environment protection, climate / greenhouse, land use planning; pest plant and animal management; and emergency planning and response.

Key Issues

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Murray Darling Basin
Right to Farm
Recycled Water
Renewable Energy
Natural Resource Management
Bushfire Prevention
Bushfire Prevention
Murray Darling Basin
Demonstrating Stewardship
Recycled Water
Land Access
Climate Change
Climate Change
Environment Protection Laws
Environment Protection Laws

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VFF Environment, Planning & Climate Change Committee

The Environment, Planning and Climate Committee advises the Policy Council on:

⇛ Natural resource issues such as native vegetation clearing, biodiversity and protection of endangered species.
⇛ Land degradation issues such as erosion control, salinity and nutrient run-off to waterways.
⇛ Planning issues including protection of prime agricultural land, restrictions on subdivision planning, controls on “noxious industries” including siting of municipal rubbish tips.
⇛ Vermin and noxious weeds.
⇛ Overseeing and making recommendations on the VFF’s involvement in landcare.

The committee members as at November 2021 are Gerald Leach (Chair), Alan McKenzie, David Gibb, Jane Carney, Scott Young and Simon Turner.