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Who We Are

The VFF Livestock Group is the peak representative body for livestock producers in Victoria and has been operating in its present form since 1979. The Group represents the interests of Victorian beef, prime lamb, wool and goat farm businesses, most of which are family owned and operated.

Victoria is currently home to 16% of Australia’s cattle herd, 50% of Australia’s lamb production and about a quarter of the Australian goat population. With one quarter of the nation’s farm businesses being Victorian, VFF Livestock plays an influential role in determining the priorities and direction of this major Australian sector.

What We Do

The VFF Livestock Group’s core business involves policy development, issues management and advocacy on behalf of our members to industry and government. Through our extensive branch network, and VFF Livestock Council, we have great contact with producers and unbeatable knowledge of the state livestock issues.

We also continue to work with livestock and allied industries, external stakeholders, and influence the grower owned research and development companies, Meat and Livestock Australia, Australian Wool Innovation and the livestock peak industry councils: Sheep Producers of Australia, Wool Producers Australia, Cattle Australia and Goat Industry Council of Australia.

Member Benefits

The VFF Livestock Group provides a range of member benefits that extend to all areas of your business.

  • Policy Advocacy – Our members are kept up to date with policies and decisions that affect their farm via via a range of communication channels.
  • Member Offers – Enjoy a wide range of discounts on energy, gas, insurance, accomodation and more.
  • Shape Industry’s Future – Through a wide range of representation opportunities unique to members including local, state and National government and industry committees.
  • Professional Advice – Access to a range of professionals with commodity specific knowledge, in addition to land management and planning, water, communication and advocacy expertise.
  • Like-Minded Network – A vehicle to engage with like-minded individuals, to share and learn from experiences and meet new friends, colleagues and mentors, and expand your network.
  • EventsThese events are fantastic for farmers to meet other farmers as well as our sponsors and the team at the VFF.
  • Invitations to meetings – Invitations to attend relevant VFF branch meetings.
  • Access to Resources – Exclusive access to VFF education, policy and resource material.
  • Voting Entitlement – Provides you with 1 Voting Entitlement per nominee. An account can have 2 nominees.

Our Policy Priorities

The VFF Livestock Group is committed to a broad range of topics including farm crime, animal welfare standards, invasive animal control, market access, traceability, maintaining live export and disease control on an endemic, emergency and exotic standpoint. 

If there is a livestock issue in Victoria, we work hard to ensure that our farmers have the freedom to operate, without unnecessary red tape and road blocks impacting their business. This only possible with a strong and active member base.

Goat Section

The VFF Goat Section represents and supports the Victorian goat industry, including fibre, dairy and meat producers, and advises the Livestock Council on goat industry policy issues.

Stock Sense

We help Victorian livestock producers adopt animal health and production practices that improve animal welfare and Victoria’s biosecurity status. Join in by attending events, accessing information online and getting in touch if you have a question or want to know more.

Stock Sense is co-funded by the Cattle Compensation Fund and the Sheep & Goat Compensation Fund, and is proudly delivered by the Victorian Farmers Federation.

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