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Who We Are

The VFF Grains Group is a strong dedicated voice for Victorian grain farmers. Our membership includes more than 60 per cent of Victorian grain growers and seed growers. We provide a democratic and representative voice for growers.

We offer our members a number of services that directly benefit their farm businesses and assist them to make the most of the new grain marketing arrangements.

Member Benefits

The VFF Grains Group provides a range of member benefits that extend to all areas of your business.

  • Policy Advocacy – Our members are kept up to date with policies and decisions that affect their farm via email, post and through social media.
  • Member Offers – Enjoy a wide range of discounts on energy, insurance, accomodation and more.
  • Professional Advice – Providing you with access to a range of professionals with commodity-specific knowledge.
  • Networking and Events – Engage with like-minded individuals, to share and learn from experiences, meet new friends and expand your network.
  • Invitations to Meetings – Invitations to attend VFF branch meetings.
  • Access to Resources – Exclusive access to VFF education, policy and resource material.
  • Voting Entitlement – Provides you with 1 Voting Entitlement per nominee. An account can have 2 nominees.

You must be a VFF member to take advantage of our skilled staff, the power of our united grower network and our extensive range of products, deals and services.

What We Do

We help provide a unified voice for Victorian growers and together we’re working to achieve better outcomes for farming businesses.

We Work on the issues that matter to you and affect your bottom line such as road supply chain costs, prices, returns, agricultural inputs, fire risk management and more.

Become a Grains member

Join us for a better life and greater future

We are a community of farmers creating a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible agricultural industry connecting with all Victorians. To discuss your needs with a Membership Representative call us now on 1300 882 833.