Agricultural Machinery Right to Repair

Agricultural Machinery Right to Repair

Agreed to by the VFF Policy Council 

Meeting 175 

9 March 2022 

Policy Statement 

  1. The VFF strongly supports the need for greater competition and consumer protections within the agricultural machinery market. 
  2. Purchasers of agricultural machinery should have the option to use independent third-party repairers. 
  3. In the event of a product malfunction, it is critical purchasers of agricultural machinery have sufficient consumer protections and avenues of recourse.
  4. The Australian Consumer Guarantee should be extended to include all agricultural machinery.  
  5. The VFF strongly opposes the use of geographic restrictions on dealership sales as they reduce competition and lead to poorer consumer outcomes. 
  6. Whilst the VFF acknowledges that dealerships have invested significant funds into training, parts, tools and equipment and they deserve to have a return on that investment, this should not be a reason to limit competition. 
  7. Delays in accessing spare parts during key production cycles pose a threat to Australia’s food security. 
  8. Manufacturers and dealers must ensure sufficient stocks of machinery parts are stored onshore.