Animal Health Declarations

With the changes to the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program many producers are more aware of Animal Health Declarations (AHD) which work in conjunction with National Vendor Declaration (NVD) to provide buyers with additional information on the health status of animals.

If you already fill out information on an NVD, where does an AHD fit in?
AHDs provide information on the overall health status of a herd or flock, with separate forms for sheep, goats and cattle. 

AHDs address questions about the property the animal(s) come from, if there is a biosecurity plan in place, whether consigned animals were born on that property, and the animal’s health history, treatments, testing for particular diseases and so on.

What are the benefits if you’re buying stock?
Anyone purchasing livestock can request an AHD to help assess the level of risk associated with bringing the stock onto your property.

Newly introduced livestock pose a risk of introducing disease, pests or weeds. Having information about an animal’s history allows you to make a calculated decision about whether the stock are suitable for your enterprise or how you will manage them if you decide to go ahead and purchase.

What are the benefits if you’re selling stock?
An AHD can be an opportunity to market your stock, highlighting the practices you use to protect your property and animals against disease and pests. You could use it to differentiate your line of stock in the marketplace.

AHDs for cattle, sheep and goats are available for free download  so you can complete and submit with your NVD. The introduction of free electronic NVDs includes the option of a built-in AHD so that you can fill out both decelerations easily and efficiently.

Ask for an AHD next time you buy livestock!