Australian Farm Crime Survey- have your say

Victorian farmers are being encouraged to have their say on the impact of farm and rural crime through the Australian Farm Crime Survey commissioned by the University of New England. This is the first national survey on farm crime to have been undertaken in two decades.

Farm crime has cast a long and troubling shadow across our rural landscapes and the VFF continues to shine a light on the devastation it causes. It undeniably takes a toll on farmers and rural property owners, both psychologically and financially and cannot be overstated.

The VFF is encouraging all farmers to take part in the survey to ensure the issues faced by Victorian farmers are understood. This will help provide the VFF with valuable insight and data which can be used in our advocacy for greater government action in dealing with farm crime.

Help have your say and help researchers understand your experiences and perceptions of farm crime; your attitudes towards the policing of and criminal justice responses to farm crime and; your awareness and implementation of crime prevention measures.

More information, including the online link to complete the survey is available here.