First Aid Kits and Supplies for Farmers

When’s the only time that a worker will complain that there are no band aids left?

During audits and walk through inspections our team sees First Aid Kits stored in cupboards or shelves covered in dust.

Many of the contents (bandages, saline solution) are perishable and must be replaced regularly. While some workers use items such as scissors and tweezers and forget to put them back.

First Aid Kits need to be readily accessible, in an easy to reach location. Where kits are stored in a room or cupboard, signage and stickers need to be placed to clearly indicate their location.

Our Farm Safety Team recommends all farmers have:

  • A medium sized canister type First Aid Kit in their workshops (or small ‘tackle box type’ kit for smaller workplaces.)
  • A small padded bag type First Aid Kits in tractors and utes.

First aid facilities need to be readily accessible in the event of an emergency and should be top of the list in regular workplace inspections.

first aid kits

The VFF have teamed up with St John Ambulance to provide farmers with a huge saving on First Aid Kits. All farmers can now purchase these at wholesale prices.

St John Ambulance also provides a scheduled On Site Service to inspect and replace contents of First Aid Kits regularly. This service is available to farmers across Victoria, including those in isolated areas where access to First Aid Kits and consumables is limited.

You can access the discount by filling out the form in this link and sending it into the email address provided. Click here to see more detail about each of the First Aid Kit options.