Food Relief Donations

Food Relief Donations

Agreed to by the VFF Policy Council 

Meeting 173 

1 September 2021 

Policy Statement 

It is VFF policy that: 

1. Food relief charity organisations play a critical role in providing access to fresh and nutritious produce to Australians facing acute food insecurity. 

2. The VFF affirms the right of individual farm businesses to choose to provide produce to individual food relief organisations as charitable donations and will encourage farmers to do so where appropriate. 

3. Whilst an important mechanism, produce donations do not represent a solution to the broader issue of food waste or excess produce throughout the food production supply chain. 

4. Farmers must not be expected to provide delivery or any associated processing of the donated produce unless they choose to do so. 

5. Where possible, food relief organisations should use existing logistic channels and supply chains. 

6. Preference should be given for processing produce donations intended for regional areas as locally as practicable. 

7. It is critical that donation practices do not contribute to market distortion. 

8. Tax deductions should be available for farmers donating produce to food relief organisations. 

9. It is the shared responsibility of the State and Federal Governments and food relief organisations to address acute food insecurity amongst vulnerable sections of the population. 

10. The State Government has a key role in funding initiatives that streamline processes and remove barriers for farmers wishing to donate produce. 

11. Individual food relief charities and the State Government must work together to reduce duplication and improve efficiency within the food relief system. 

12. The State Government has a clear role in improving access and distribution of food relief, especially in rural and remote communities.