Fuel Security

Fuel Security

Agreed to by the VFF Policy Council 

Meeting 172

21 June 2021

Policy Statement 

  1. Recognising the critical strategic importance of agriculture and food production, farm businesses must be considered ‘essential users’ in the event of fuel rationing at a federal or state level.
  2. Australia’s strategic fuel reserves must be located within Australia’s borders in a range of strategic regional locations to minimise risk.
  3. The Federal Government must commit to maintaining levels of domestic refining capacity.
  4. The Federal Government should provide incentives that encourage an increase in the quantity of privately stored fuel including but not limited to private on-farm storage to improve Australia’s resilience to fuel shortages.
  5. Increased fuel stocks must be held by industry and government in the lead up to periods of known increased demand such as fire periods.
  6. The development of alternative fuels must be encouraged wherever possible and practical, including a road map for on-farm transition and implementation.