G7; Delegations of Authority


To establish a framework for delegating authority within VFF in a manner that facilitates efficiency and effectiveness and increases the accountability of the Board, staff, and members.


Delegations of authority are the mechanisms by which Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) enables its officers of to act on its behalf. Delegations are a key element in effective governance and management of VFF and provide formal authority to individual officers to commit the organisation and/or incur liabilities. This policy sets out the circumstances under which the Board may delegate its responsibilities.



3.1.1. VFF is committed to the highest standards of integrity, fairness and ethical conduct, including full compliance with all relevant legal requirements, and in turn requires that all its Board members, officers (including its Chief Executive Officer), managers, employees, members and contractors acting on its behalf meet those same standards of integrity, fairness and ethical behaviour, including compliance with all legal requirements.

3.1.2. There is no circumstance under which it is acceptable for VFF or any of its employees, members or contractors to knowingly and deliberately not comply with the law or to act unethically in the course of performing or advancing VFF’s business.

3.1.3. Delegations of authority within VFF are intended to achieve four objectives: To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation’s administrative processes; To ensure that the appropriate officers have been provided with the level of authority necessary to discharge their responsibilities; To ensure that delegated authority is exercised by the most appropriate and best-informed individuals within the organisation; and To ensure internal controls are effective.

3.1.4. The policy applies to all members of the Board, the staff, members, and contractors of the VFF.


3.2.1. The VFF Board is responsible for the governance and oversight of the organisation.

3.2.2. Under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) as amended and the VFF’s Constitution, the Board can delegate any of its functions except: The power of delegation; and Any functions reserved to the Board under the Corporations Act.

3.2.3. The Board may only delegate its powers and functions to officers of the organisation.

3.2.4. The Board may not delegate its power to approve the VFF’s: Strategic plan; or Business plan; or Annual budget; or Annual financial statements.


3.3.1. In accordance with Policy G1, the CEO is delegated responsibility to: Deliver the strategic plan, business plan and implementation of strategies and policies; Promoting the interests and furthering the development of VFF; Lead and manage the administrative, financial, and other business of VFF; Employ and supervise staff; and Monitor VFF member activities.

3.3.2. The Delegation of Authority matrix as approved by the Board from time-to-time applies.

3.3.3. This policy applies and aligns with governance policies for the Board Charter and terms of reference for committees and councils.





Policy G1: VFF Strategy and Policy Framework

Policy G2: VFF Board Charter

Policy G7: Issues Advisory Committees – Terms of Reference Policy A1: Commodity Councils Charter