Glenelg Shire rates ripoff

Under Glenelg Shire Council’s 2022/23 Draft Budget, total rate revenue will increase from $25.1
million to a staggering $28.8 million.

The average rates for a farm assessment will increase from $2,877 to $3,538 – representing a 23% increase, whilst the average general rate will increase from $1,811 to $2,065 – representing a 20% increase.

Council has provided no justification for the substantial increase in rate revenue. This will make Glenelg Shire Council one of the highest taxing council’s in regional Victoria.

Council has ignored the views of the local farming community and the advice provided by
the VFF that its plans to remove the primary producer rebate would unfairly increase rates for everyone.

Council will vote on the budget on 28 June. The VFF is encouraging all community members to write directly to councillors and object to this blatant tax grab.

Please use the email list below to send a message to Council:

Cr Anita Rank – [email protected]

Cr Scott Martin – [email protected]

Cr Michael Carr – [email protected]

Cr Chrissy Hawker – [email protected]

Cr Jayden Smith – [email protected]

Cr Karen Stephens – [email protected]

Cr Gilbert Wilson – [email protected]