Global Supply Chain Webinar- Road funding and pork barrelling in Australia

Join the VFF our third Global Supply Chain webinar to be held at 12pm Friday, 1 April 2022 for a deep dive into road funding and pork barrelling in the lead up to the Federal Election. 

The discussion will be led by VFF CEO Jane Lovell and includes insights from expert guest speakers Marion Terrill, Transport and Cities Program Director at the Grattan Institute and Ryan Milgate, Chair of the VFF Transport and Infrastructure Committee.

The new Grattan Institute report, ‘Roundabouts, Overpasses and Carparks: Hauling the Federal Government back to its proper role in Transport  Projects’ finds that at the last federal election only one of the Coalition’s 71 transport promises had a business case approved by Infrastructure Australia and for Labor it was two projects of 61.

While the Federal Government is supposed to focus on nationally significant infrastructure, this hasn’t stopped successive federal governments since 2009 fund nearly 800 roundabouts, carparks and overpasses that are unconnected with the National Network.

“Politicians who insist on pork-barrelling are wasting taxpayers money and the biggest losers are people who live in safe seats or states with few marginal electorates” says Marion Terrill.

The panel will discuss the state of current of road funding and how we can ensure a fair go for regional Victoria.