Greens back farmers in opposing Biosecurity Protection Levy

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) acknowledges the Greens’ support in opposing the government’s proposed Biosecurity Protection Levy (BPL). This support is the result of collective efforts from the agriculture sector, with the Greens recognising that the government should not be taxing farmers, who are already struggling with tight profit margins.

The levy fails dramatically to acknowledge that farmers already contribute significantly to Australia’s biosecurity. Despite calls from industry to place a levy on container imports or equivalent, the government chose to target farmers instead. The Greens argue that this new tax on farmers is a poor policy in both principle and design and contend that if the government needs an extra $50 million to boost biosecurity, it should look elsewhere.

The VFF has actively opposed the levy, sending letters in March and May to Victorian crossbench Senators, urging them to reject the BPL. These efforts, along with broader advocacy from the agricultural sector, have been crucial in building opposition to the levy.

The push against the BPL highlights the need for better consultation and fairer policies to protect Australia’s biosecurity without unfairly impacting farmers. The VFF remains committed to working towards more equitable solutions.