Have your say: On-farm powerlines

The Essential Services Commission is currently developing an enforceable code of practice in relation to how electricity transmission companies access land. This code of practice will place enforceable obligations on electricity transmission companies when they access land under section 93 of the Electricity Industry Act 2000.

The Land Access Code of Practice will build upon the statement of expectations released as an interim measure applying to access to land for technical studies. 

VFF has previously submitted in line with our Managing Entry to Farm Policy Statement. Some energy companies informed the ESC that there were no issues with existing powerline easements on farm.

This is a chance to make sure there are clear rights and responsibilities in relation to access to farm.

The regulators need to hear your experiences with energy companies.

If you have had issues with a power company, we encourage you to make a submission to this process and document specific issues with the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria and the Australian Energy Industry Commissioner.

Issues VFF are aware of include:

  • permits to use tractors under powerlines;
  • failure to inform owners of changed policy on the easements;
  • refusal to give notice or inform landholders what chemicals have been used on site causing issues with vendor declarations;
  • spread of weeds;
  • failure to close gates;
  • damage to crops;
  • materials left on site causing damage to machinery.