Have your say on new animal welfare laws

The Victorian Labor Government’s draft Animal Care and Protection Bill is a
large and complex piece of legislation that would give the government wide
powers to regulate animal welfare across the community.

The VFF is currently finalising its analysis of the draft legislation and preparing
the submission on behalf of Victoria’s agricultural industries.

We have taken our time to do this work, engaging with government and across
industries to ensure we can fully understand the Bill’s implications.

If passed through the Victorian Parliament this year, the legislation would not
come into effect until 2026. In that period of time, the government in
consultation with industry will develop specific animal industry regulations and
guidelines that will replace existing industry codes of practice.

These regulations and guidelines will give detail to what on-farm practices would
be allowed or restricted.

To assist the VFF in finalising our submission, we urging you to provide your
thoughts and feedback on the draft Bill.

Information about the draft Bill can be accessed on the Victorian Government
Engage website – click here

Next week, the VFF will be providing you with an explanation of the draft Bill,
including information about the positions we will seek to advocate. This will help
you have your say directly to government before the public consultation period
closes on 8 March.

Rest assured, whilst the public consultation period closes soon, the VFF will
continue to actively engage with government at all levels right up untill the new
laws are voted on.

To further assist us in providing you with relevant information, it’s important that
you please send any questions or concerns you have to
[email protected]

We will continue to keep you updated on the draft Animal Care and Protection